Barefoot Initiative

The Barefoot Initiative

While working in Sudan and Mozambique Godfrey experienced terrible poverty and deprivation amongst the communities. Most disturbing to Godfrey, was incredible waste with in the aid programmes trying to change this. Unfortunately, this continues to this day with often 80 to 90 % being taken up by the administration of the various charities. Godfrey finds this a ridiculous and inexcusable situation. A chance meeting with the co-founder of the Barefoot Initiative led Godfrey to taking on a very active volunteer role with the initiative.

The Barefoot Initiative has an amazing approach to the entrepreneur model and EVERY CENT gets to their target programmes. These programs are education based returning trained nurses to the community, empowering community women who now run their own shop and bakery and most importantly better and cleaner water. The Barefoot Initiative is operated by an incredibly focused group of young Australians and their achievements are quite remarkable.

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