Godfrey Gardiner

About Godfrey Gardiner

Godfrey has been privileged to have flown crop spraying aeroplanes for many years and in many parts of the world. The first four years Godfrey was flying at between England, Sudan, Mozambique, Holland ,Ireland and Indonesia.

In the case of Sudan, Holland and Ireland it meant flying aeroplanes in round trips starting from England. The delivery flights to Sudan were of particular interest taking him to such palaces as Cannes, Athens, Corfu, Crete, Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor and into Khartoum. ¬†Godfrey’s long-standing wish to make Australia home started after those initial four years. These travels, and the great opportunity to work in those areas exposed him to so much and inspired Godfrey in so many ways.

This exposure included observing incredible poverty and made Godfrey forever appreciative of the lifestyle most Australians take for granted. It also exposed Godfrey to different cultural food experiences, cultural diversity, and of course the beauty of the amazing places he flew over. This experience stimulated a desire to do many things based on what he had seen and experienced and has taken Godfrey to many types of businesses.

However, perhaps most importantly, this incredible opportunity gave Godfrey a moral compass that has become the fundamental basis of his business choices……………………..March 2017